I have been a Master for over 20 years, and just as I now teach other masters, I too was taught by some older masters the art of mastering, perhaps a little more difficult because 20 years ago societies were more closed but a master who first of all respects himself must learn and experiment properly before taking a slave’s life into his hands.

In this first article I want to talk
about the lost humility of the dominant.

It sounds strange I know but don’t confuse the
humility of the master with the humility of the slave.

But this contradiction can
be answered by a question

How do we learn?

Dominants have big and powerful egos.

And that makes sense from a person who has decided that his
goal in life is to have someone to serve him and worship him.

Only someone with a strong ego could think of this.

And then masters who find themselves worshiped by a slave
who loves them unconditionally will see their egos grow.

But one whose ego is unaffected
is often unable to learn.

To learn we must understand that there are still
unknown paths in mastering to walk, there are mistakes
to be made and learned from, and that
we can always improve and become better masters.

How do we do this?

Through humility.

Compared to the humility of a slave, the
humility of a master is much less.

But there must be.

I often see people who claim to be top masters
who don’t need to listen or be taught, they think they
know everything and are ready for anything.

I call it the inability to improve,
the inability to change.

When problems or issues happen, it’s usually someone
else’s fault and not theirs, because they’re just perfect.

There are also dominants who learn.

They listen, observe others and ask questions.

They value the experience of others and learn from them, experimenting
safely discovering new things to try, things to improve, and things to fail.

Then, when they take on their first slave,
they go on a journey of discovery.

They find and experience new things.

Therefore a dominant once he has decided that this is his
way of operating needs humility to learn, change and adapt.

Tools are one of the basic steps a master needs to learn
and trust me there are many ( leather , ropes , chains , clips )

and the list is endless, learn to hurt
your slaves safely and lovingly.

Keep your slaves safe and by your side.

Don’t rob them of their life, but bring them into a
position to hand it over to you themselves.



And finally what is submission?

What is it that attracts so many and causes
disgust for so many others?

Are you born or made submissive?

How from the moment you are attracted to the big
organ of your partner you suddenly tremble in the

pleasure that causes you just
to touch the feet of your master?

Dominant, another strange figure?

Why aren’t you satisfied with a beautiful and
juicy little ass and you want to subdue it…

and again we come to question number
one… what is submission?


Think of the times you just wanted someone
else to make the simple decisions for you,
from where to go to when to enter you.


The times you provoke him just to bring him to his limits,
to curse you, to hit you…to punish you.

The times you feel like you’re being made by everyday
personal moments with him, when he cuts his nails when he pees.

The times he gets pissed off with
his team and pulls down candles.

The times when you really
feel that he is superior to you.

The times when instead of making love to
you, he actually breaks you in two.

The times he really hurts you, physically and mentally
and while his whole being tells you to go away,
you stay there and fuck even more.

The times when your friends ask you to go for coffee
and you wonder if you should ask them first.

The times when you should be hugging in front of the
TV, you have embraced his leg and are kissing it.

Think about all these moments and so many more and

you will finally understand for yourself
what you are and what you want.

The only advice I have to give you is that whatever
you think don’t bury it because this is who you are,

if submission is what you really want in your life
then a dominant is waiting for you out there…